Continuous, automated, real-time monitoring of key biomarkers

The MicroEye® delivers a simple, reliable and cost-effective continuous tissue sampling system suitable for measuring a range of substances including glucose, lactate, drugs and other biomarkers.

The benefits of microeye®

How real-time continuous monitoring provides the accuracy you need:

Traditional methods of blood and tissue sampling gives you snapshots of data at intervals, yet this misses out important data trends as well as sharp peaks and troughs, critical information when determining care. 

Our point-of-care MicroEye® device can measure several biomarkers including lactate, immunosuppressants, antibiotics and analytes while the blood or tissue stays in the patient – where it belongs – avoiding time-consuming laboratory sampling, while giving you the accuracy you need.

Comparison of traditional blood draw results v MicroEye® 

Key benefits of MicroEye®

Continuous real-time data

MicroEye® enables real-time biomarker/analyte sampling by delivering dialysate to an external sensor system to provides continuous and automated data. Removes the need for repeated sample withdrawal, and transportation to the lab for testing.

Improved results in clinical studies

The MicroEye® enables real-time continuous monitoring of drugs in patients for effective therapeutic drug monitoring. Study on transplant patients receiving immunosuppressants successfully completed in Munich. Other drug studies on-going.

Custom integrations

The MicroEye® has been integrated with custom sensors and other monitoring devices including the company’s own ContinuMon® system, allowing clinicians to view data and trends using portable user-interfaces.

Technology already in use

The MicroEye® is already non-exclusively licenced to Menarini Diagnostics for continuous glucose monitoring. It can be used to measure a range of other substances such as lactate, propofol, immunosuppressants and antibiotics.

How it works

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